Upgrade Your Employment Law Practice Using The Best Intake Platform On The Market

Leverage's intuitive client intake solution provides your firm with the modern, automation-ready tools you need to scale your business. Our fully programmable system screens potential clients through automated interviews and follow-up questions, allowing you to quickly identify those that meet your firm's criteria. Leverage also provides your firm with powerful tools for automated fee agreement generation and e-signing, secure client communication, private document storage and exchange, and even integrated online retainer payment. Streamline your operations using Leverage's task assignment, online marketing, and data management systems. Achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction while reducing your firm's operating costs.

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A 21st Century Solution For Client Intake

Client screening and intake is an expensive and labor-intensive process. Leverage's programmable Smart Intake™ technology provides your firm with an automated screening process to identify potential clients that best fit your firm's unique criteria. Our platform makes it easy to send automated follow-up questions, fee agreements, and document requests, further reducing costs. Why waste your staff's time on repeated follow-up calls to less-than-ideal prospects? Get the answers you need without using additional resources. 


Leverage's technology is powerful enough to run your entire practice. Why not see it in action?

  • Bring your law practice into the modern age with Leverage's CRM technology.
  • Leverage's programmable Smart Intake™ tools automatically screen potential clients 
  • Build custom workflows to match your firm's best practices
  • Questionnaires and follow-up messages can be sent automatically, reducing costs
  • Forge a stronger connection with your clients using Leverages' video messaging tools. Create compelling and trust-building videos for new clients, even as your practice continues to scale.
  • Securely communicate with clients via email and text
  • Internal management tools allow you to assign tasks to individuals and groups
  • Optimize marketing results and conversions using Leverage's built-in dashboards 
  • Reduce billing expenses with dynamically generated, mail-merge ready fee agreements

Expense Reduction

  • Streamline operations by automating common tasks
  • Collect, store, and manage essential documents securely
  • Sign and manage new clients without increasing costs
  • Automate client reminders and follow-up communications
  • Improve internal operations with groups, task management, and other tools
  • Detailed marketing reports allow you to optimize conversions and ROI
  • Leverage is fully customizable for unique needs of your practice
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Client Satisfaction

  • Smart Intake™ dramatically improves the client screening process
  • Simplify client onboarding with e-sign compliant, mail-merge ready fee agreements
  • Online retainer payment and other fees available with optional Stripe integration
  • Secure messaging tools ensure client privacy
  • Store and exchange documents with Leverage's client portal
  • Built-in support for blogging, video messages, and mass updates
  • CRM-like data field customizations allow you to create detailed client accounts



Streamline the intake process with e-signing for fee agreements and other documents. Leverage can also dynamically generate mail-merge ready agreements. Optional Stripe payment processing allows your firm to securely accept retainers and other fees online.

  • Automatically screen potential clients through your website
  • Provide client support 24/7
  • Reduce time spent on common client communications
  • Increase the overall satisfaction of even your most high-maintenance clients
  • Leverage's browser-based platform makes case management intuitive
  • Automation-powered tools make it easy to complete discovery obligations
  • Obtain signatures on fee agreements and other essential documents without using additional staff time
  • Simplify workflows, task assignments, and other management activities
  • Onboard an unlimited number of team members at no extra cost


Exchange documents, write emails, and even send texts directly to clients using Leverage's communication suite. Answer common client questions with blog posts and videos. Secure data storage makes it easy to collect, exchange, and manage client documents.

  • Privacy-focused and secure client website
  • Communication portal with blogging and video support
  • Client messaging with mass email and text support
  • Secure document exchange portal

Management & Organization

Leverage's technology allows your firm to improve the efficiency of your daily operations. Reclaim staff time by automating common billing, client communication, and other tasks. Streamline workflows by creating dedicated groups and assigning individual tasks. Enhance the effectiveness of your other business software by easily importing and exporting client data.

  • Customizable data fields for client records
  • Automated client grouping for class action cases
  • Integration-friendly data management tools, including custom tables and exports
  • Workflow optimizations and task management tools


Leverage provides the tools your firm needs to deliver consistent results for your clients in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our platform allows your firm to dramatically lower the cost of client intake, and provides tools for automating communications, billing, and other ongoing business activities. Leverage frees up your staff from their most repetitive tasks, allowing them more time to focus on client satisfaction.

  • Screen potential clients automatically
  • Improve client communication while reducing costs
  • Increase the overall client satisfaction
  • Deliver 24/7 service without hiring additional staff
  • Browser-based CRM platform means no need for additional hardware
  • Complete discovery obligations using automation-powered tools
  • Easily obtain signatures on fee agreements and other essential documents
  • Optimize workflows, assignments, and other operational activities
  • Onboard any number of team members at no extra cost

We used Leverage to cost-effectively and quickly screen and obtain executed retainer agreements and fact sheets from well over 1,300 claimants on their individual consumer fraud claims. We then used it to effectively manage, communicate with, and advise these clients through litigation and eventually settlement. Gone are the days of the unwieldy and costly banks of clerks and telephones.

Michael Louis Kelly
Senior Partner, Kirtland & Packard LLP

Leverage is the future of aggregate litigation. It is intuitive, effective and simply brilliant. Ray Gallo and his team clearly understand the challenges that practitioners face and have brought their technical acumen to assist us in the ever evolving area of litigation and technology. Not only is the product literally one of a kind, but you could not ask for anything more from a technical support perspective.

Edward Wynne
Wynne Law Firm

Leverage® has transformed my practice from a cumbersome, disjointed endeavor into an automated, streamlined machine. No more chasing after prospects to gather facts, provide documents, sign retention letters, organize information, or even sign settlement agreements. It's all automated. Managing hundreds of clients is easy. I highly recommend LEVERAGE to any firm that handles a high volume of clients or prospects. It's the best client intake and management system out there.

Alex Bachuwa
Partner, Bachuwa Law

Leverage® delivered tremendous economic benefit to my clients and my firm—it’s an elegant, easy to use, feature rich system beautifully designed to do everything we needed and nothing we didn’t. I look forward to using it again.

Eric Grover
Partner, Keller Grover